Farrow & Ball – Vardo


An exuberant shade of teal with a rich, ornate feel, Farrow & Ball’s Vardo is fittingly named after intricately decorated Romany caravans from the 19th century. This colour would often appear in the carvings and details of these traditional homes-on-wheels. Now, Farrow & Ball have successfully crafted it as a means to fill modern living spaces with “life and joy.”

As a vibrant blue-green with a flamboyant presence, Vardo is perfect for feature walls and prominent accents. Its distinctive flair also happens to be quite versatile, evoking a variety of moods in the company of different colours, patterns, and lighting. 

The brightness of Vardo finds a quiet complement in off-whites and creams, helping you craft welcoming spaces that can double up as informal retreats and formal reception areas. A room that receives adequate natural light becomes the perfect setting for Vardo walls, light-toned woodwork and upholstery, and plenty of indoor greenery to bring in delightful coastal vibes. In darker settings, Vardo can work up regal elegance when combined with deep greys or reds. 

Vardo fits seamlessly into Bohemian or eclectic decor. It carries richly patterned rugs and fixtures with aplomb. It also welcomes light and breezy blues and greens, which help it appear darker and greyer in contrast.

The rich teal base in this paint colour allows it to harmonise beautifully with jewel tones and metallic highlights. A feature wall rendered in Vardo can serve as the ideal showcase for ornate mirrors or shimmering artwork in gold, silver or copper tones. The colour can also be introduced in small doses, through decorative accents and wall art that can energise neutral settings.

Our large format artworks attempt to capture the cheerful yet elegant feel of this unique paint colour by Farrow & Ball. Crafted to suit contemporary settings, yet capable of complementing classically styled spaces, our Vardo-based wall art will serve as the perfect finishing touch to your newly decorated home.