Farrow & Ball Colours

Gorgeous Paint Colours For Your Wall Art

The colours you choose to bring home decide much more than how your living space will look in photographs. Interior design is not just about two-dimensional compositions of shapes, patterns, tints and shades. It involves breathing life and a certain character into a setting through materials, finishes, colours, and even empty space. This is why we put so much effort into crafting every aspect of our hand painted artworks – and it is also why we rely on Farrow & Ball’s extensive range of paint colours to bring these artworks to life.

Purple Metal Wall Art Set

Unlock uniqueness

Our distinctive and reflective metal artworks seek to transform your living space. They achieve this through dynamic duets of geometry and texture, shimmering silver lines against a myriad of backdrops, and a sculptural presence that plays with light throughout the day. Behind every design of ours is an intent to enrich contemporary urban settings and render them unique.

To this end, we also offer you the freedom to personalise some of our artworks by picking a colour of your choice.

We use Farrow & Ball paints in many of our artworks in order to ensure a rich finish, and to give you a wide range of stunning yet versatile hues to choose from.

Farrow & Ball is one of the leading paint brands in the UK and worldwide. For decades, it has been preferred by homeowners and designers alike for its rich colours, extraordinary finishes, and its ability to retain its vibrancy and finish for years. Thanks to high-quality pigments that are blended through a time-tested process, Farrow & Ball paint colours have an extraordinary depth and a luxurious look that beautifully complements our reflective designs. 

Choosing a colour from Farrow & Ball’s palette means that you can explore the heights of both subtlety and dynamism. This is a brand that delves into the various dimensions of a given hue, and understands the significant impact of small variations in colour temperature or surface finish. It welcomes you to try multiple variants of your favourite colour and discover what each one can do for your decor.

From this extensive range, we have handpicked certain hues that best complement and enhance our designs. These colours also happen to be versatile and perfectly in sync with sophisticated urban setups.

Silver Wall Art Colours

Practical perfection

Farrow & Ball paints also align perfectly with our commitment to use products and processes that are gentle on the planet. These eco-friendly and low-odour paints are a practical choice for home interiors. They are also immensely durable, thus ensuring that the exquisite piece of wall art you bring home retains its fabulous and reflective presence for years to come. 

Despite their distinctive, luxurious presence, Farrow & Ball paints are all highly versatile. They blend in seamlessly with other brands of paint that may have been used in a given space. You can safely choose your favourite artwork in your choice of colour, without worrying about it clashing with your existing wall treatments or accents.

Explore a wide range of colours from Farrow & Ball, and find the perfect match for the artwork of your choice.

Farrow & Ball BABOUCHE

A bright yet balanced yellow, Farrow & Ball’s Babouche is a quick and lasting remedy for dull decor. Named after the “distinctive colour of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco,” it has a lighthearted bearing that is unafraid of bending a rule or two. . . Read more about Babouche here.

Farrow & Ball BRASSICA

When the loveliness of lavender gets grounded in grey, Brassica is the result. This gorgeous hue is one of Farrow & Ball’s lighter purple hues that suit both formal and informal spaces. . . Read more about Brassica here.

Farrow & Ball BRINJAL

Melding dark blue and red tones into plush perfection, Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal hue is one of those reliable deep purples that never fail to exude sophistication. As the brand puts it, this colour doffs its hat to the “beautifully deep and shiny skin of the aubergine”. It is, as such, particularly impressive in a high gloss finish . . . Read more about Brinjal here.

Farrow & Ball CALLUNA

Farrow & Ball’s Calluna pays a fitting tribute to its namesake from the Scottish moors, while simultaneously reinterpreting it for suave urban spaces. Brushing its beautiful heather hue with a touch of black, it manages to be “both soft and tranquil yet strangely sophisticated.”. . . Read more about Calluna here.

Farrow & Ball CINDER ROSE

Poetic, romantic settings become easily attainable with Farrow & Ball’s Cinder Rose, named after “the prettiest of traditional roses.” This soft hue has the gentle grace of pink minus any polarising yellow undertones. It thus suits a variety of spaces, ranging from chic bedrooms to vibrant indoor gardens. . .  Read more about Cinder Rose here.

Farrow & Ball DROP CLOTH

Farrow & Ball’s Drop Cloth paint colour offers an endearing blend of richness and rusticity. This light grey tint carries hints of beige and the mildest yellow notes. The carefully crafted balance between . . . Read more about Drop Cloth here.

Farrow & Ball GREEN GROUND

A green so pale that it recedes into the background, Farrow & Ball’s Green Ground often manifests as little more than a play of light. Yet, it contains enough colour to relax and refresh the senses the way only green tints can. . . Read more about Green Ground here.

Farrow & Ball LICHEN

Farrow & Ball’s Lichen is a calm and collected shade of green that feels as natural and nostalgic as its namesake – “the creeping algae that ages stone so beautifully.” This quiet and subtle . . . Read more about Lichen here.

Farrow & Ball LONDON STONE

Farrow & Ball’s London Stone is a timeless neutral shade with famous origins. The architect John Sutcliffe first crafted this light brown colour for a Regent’s Park residence. Since then. . . Read more about London Stone here.

Farrow & Ball MOLE’S BREATH

Be it in classic or in contemporary decor, it is near-impossible to go wrong with Mole’s Breath by Farrow & Ball. This grounded and gorgeous grey tone is poised at . . . Read more about Mole’s Breath here.

Farrow & Ball NEW WHITE

An uplifting, creamy tint, Farrow & Ball’s New White gets its name on account of its appearance that feels “much fresher than more traditional whites.” An interesting alternative to often-used wall colours like lime white . . . Read more about New White here.

Farrow & Ball PELT

As dark as purple can possibly get, Pelt toes the line between red-laced blue and black. Farrow & Ball describe it as being “much bluer in feel than the similarly strong Brinjal.” Residing at the deep end of the purple scale, this intense colour can’t help but exude regal, dramatic vibes. . . Read more about Pelt here.

Farrow & Ball POINTING

A timeless, fuss-free colour that has a place in every setting, Farrow & Ball’s Pointing is all simplicity and warmth. This basic white tint doffs its hat to the lime pointing traditionally used in brickwork. It is naturally oriented. . . Read more about Pointing here.

Farrow & Ball SKYLIGHT

A light, dreamy, nostalgic blue, Farrow & Ball’s Skylight provides the comfort of time-tested elegance. As the name suggests, this colour harks of “the soft natural light that often pours through ceiling skylights.” It does this without. . . Read more about Skylight here.


A dramatic yet comforting paint colour by Farrow & Ball, Stiffkey Blue is a rich, inky shade that serenades  the Norfolk beach “where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue.” . . . Read more about Stiffkey Blue here.

Farrow & Ball STONE BLUE

The “warm and timeless” Stone Blue paint colour from Farrow & Ball is a reliable base as well as an effortless accent for every setting. With its name derived from “the indigo pigment which. . . Read more about Stone Blue  here.

Farrow & Ball INDIA YELLOW

Intense in some situations, comforting in others, Farrow & Ball’s India Yellow is capable of setting many moods. Its unforgettable visual impact is matched only by the story behind its name. . . Read more about India Yellow  here.

Farrow & Ball VARDO

An exuberant shade of teal with a rich, ornate feel, Farrow & Ball’s Vardo is fittingly named after intricately decorated Romany caravans from the 19th century. This colour would often appear in the . . . Read more about Vardo  here.