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Yellow Interiors – The Brighter Side Of Every Style

The colour of sunshine and daffodils, smiley-face emoticons and eggs sunny-side up, yellow is inseparable from the sights that bring us joy. Indeed, if warmth were a colour, it would call itself yellow. There is a sense of familiarity and uncomplicated cheerfulness to this sun-kissed hue that resonates with each one of us. But a permanent place in our hearts isn’t all that yellow enjoys. Going by the countless interior design trends it has managed to live through, there is a permanent place for it in our homes as well.

Home décor can revolve around a melange of objectives, ranging from style and sophistication to practicality and creature comforts. But over and above everything else, we expect our homes to be welcoming spaces – spaces that arm us with positivity and confidence, and greet us with the familiarity of a safe haven. No colour embodies these attributes better than yellow. Its many tints and shades have been a recurring feature in home interiors through the ages, taking the shape of pale cream paints, lemon yellow fabrics, or mustard yellow accents.

A ray of sunshine

Yellow resides in the warm end of the colour spectrum, with orange and red as its neighbours. Though all of these colours are associated with optimism and energy, yellow is by far the most cheerful. Its impact on our senses is similar to that of the sun; even a fleeting glimpse inspires positivity, hope and confidence. In fact, designers often use glints of yellow to compensate for the lack of sunlight within a space. This also explains why bright yellow and mustard accents are such a common interior design element in the UK, where skies tend to be cloudy for the greater part of the year.

More than just a primary colour

Just as sunshine isn’t limited to a single colour, yellows used in interior design cover a bouquet of hues. From delicate creams, to bright daffodil and sunflower tints, all the way to more saturated shades of chrome and mustard, each variant of yellow puts a different spin on its core properties, adding delicious nuances to any space it decorates. Gentle lemon yellows and mild creams, for instance, act as soft highlights for white walls and furniture, while mustard brings in the rich warmth of gold minus its glitter. Mustard is a particularly popular colour choice for contemporary interior designers, as it lends itself equally well to bold and subtle compositions. A mere smattering of mustard yellow, generally deployed in the form of cushions, throws, lighting fixtures or other accents, is all it takes to introduce relaxed sophistication into a scheme of greys, whites, pastels or earth tones.

Poised between playful and sophisticated, every tint and shade of yellow brings a unique energy into a space. Adding a colourful edge to muted interiors, sunlight to a bleak day, and a homey vibe to a formal setup, yellow is the cheerful yet stylish finishing touch that every contemporary home can use.