Turquoise and Teal Interior bedroom
Turquoise and Teal Interior wall art bedroom
Turquoise and Teal Interior wall art
Turquoise and Teal Interior
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Turquoise And Teal – The Trendy Shades Of Tranquillity

Found in ancient gemstones and serene seas, turquoise and teal have been capturing our imagination since time immemorial. These moody blues laced with greens take us far from the madding crowd of polarising colours, and into an aqueous haven that both soothes and gladdens the senses. Thanks to their unique and universal appeal, turquoise and teal have always been irreplaceable in the realm of interior design. Present-day interiors have embraced these calming yet charismatic blues with renewed vigour, showcasing them in a variety of stunning accents, statement pieces, and mood boards.

Are they identical?

Turquoise and teal are often mentioned interchangeably, especially in the context of interior decoration. This is partly due to the fact that it gets difficult to define these colours without going into the specific percentages and saturations of blues and greens that each contains. Turquoise, representing the colour of its gemstone namesake, combines soft pastel blue and green into a fresh, calming mix. Teal, named after the streaks of colour around the eyes of a teal duck, is a deeper and darker greenish blue. But technicalities aside, both turquoise and teal can be located in the region of the spectrum where blues begin to depart from their pure expressions and take on hints of green.

Turquoise and teal share some key attributes that give them similar applications in interior design. They imbue spaces with their cooling tendencies, while retaining enough depth and vibrancy to draw attention to the surfaces and objects that feature them. They have the kind of allure that we intrinsically associate with blue skies and limitless oceans, and as such can comfortably hold their own within any scheme of interiors. Practically every blue-green combination that falls under the umbrella of turquoise or teal has a place and a purpose in interior design, and has been successfully incorporated into a wide variety of explorations.

The stylish side of tranquil

Shades of turquoise and teal have come to be associated with style and glamour, making just as many appearances on the runway as they do in luxury homes worthy of coffee table books. Light, bright and cheerful turquoise hues charm their way into traditional as well as modern interiors, creating lovely alfresco vibes, especially when paired with whites, tans, and neutral colours. They brighten up spaces with their signature beach-like energy, while simultaneously keeping them cool and comfortable. Lighter tints can safely be applied to generous swathes of wall or kitchen cabinetry, while more saturated variants can be used to highlight statement furniture and accents.

Teal, in its deep-sea deliciousness, strikes a stunning balance between strength and serenity. With its origins in blue, it fits into any colour scheme that needs a cooling effect. At the same time, its green overtones give it more depth and warmth than its navy or denim cousins. As a result, a single splash of teal, in the form of a cushion, throw or rug, is enough to energize a grey or neutral themed room. The colour itself can be washed down to a muted version of itself, which can then be applied to larger stretches of wall or upholstery. Vivid teals can also be called upon to make a bold statement through feature walls or offbeat colour pairings.

Creating mellow seaside vibes as well as portraits of bold sophistication, turquoise and teal present designers with a sea of gorgeous possibilities. These oceanic blue-greens are unlikely to fall out of favour as long as glamour and poise have a place in interior design.