Take a look at the hues that are headlining interior design this season.

Manifesting as subtle hints and bold pops, these fashionable tones are colouring contemporary homes in assorted shades of sophistication.

As visually oriented beings, it is in our nature to express through colour. Rooted in our psyche and imbued with symbolism, the hues of the colour wheel invoke within us a variety of moods, emotions and energies. Throughout history, we have counted on colour to breathe life into our living spaces, by filling them with vibrancy, freshness, serenity, or richness.

But colours speak to us in more ways than one. In addition to their millennia-old connotations, they also carry exciting new possibilities for experimentation, often associating themselves with the preferences and ideologies of an entire generation. In the process, they give rise to colour trends that shape our definitions of beauty, balance and style.

2024 Mood Board