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Copper – The Metallic Highlight Of The Millennial Home

Blending sleek sophistication with homey warmth has always been the holy grail for interior designers, and at the moment, they seem to have struck gold with copper. Traces of this modish metal, in the shape of accent tables, lighting fixtures, and sundry odds and ends, have become a familiar sight in millennial homes. Joining the ranks of blissful blushes, tasteful textures, cushiony comfort and nuanced neutral palettes, the copper craze has quickly evolved into a global interior design trend.

Metals make themselves at home

Metals have always enjoyed a special place in architecture and interior design. Steel, promising durability as a structural component and sleekness as an aesthetic element, has starred in the modern, minimalist and industrial movements. Stainless steel and chrome finishes have come to symbolise sophistication in contemporary interiors, whilst gold and silver have brought ornate details and motifs to life in countless design styles throughout history. Copper strikes an enchanting balance between these metals, imparting a warm glow to the suave look of steel, and softening the grandiose air of gold to a friendly sheen.

Luxe new looks for accent colours

One of the most popular ways of introducing copper to a room involves using subtle hints of the metal to complement its surrounding colour palette. This could manifest as a sleek copper coffee table set against a bold statement sofa, a stylish copper chandelier or sconce installed in a monochrome setting, or even a smattering of small copper accessories to go with a scheme of assorted pastel shades. Interior decorators often juxtapose copper highlights with greys, blues and teals, to create a subtle reminder of warmth without diluting the cool sophistication of these accent colours.

Copper even manages to strike a chord with warmer hues like pink, rose and yellow. Because it is used in small dashes rather than large swathes, it can further accentuate the comforting properties of these colours without pushing the ensemble to the wrong side of warmth. Copper and dusky pink is a particularly popular combination for this reason; the inviting sheen of the metal pays a fitting compliment to the subtle blush of the muted rose tints it is paired with.

This does not mean, however, that the use of copper hinges on the presence of an accent colour. Even monochrome settings fashioned from whites, greys and other neutral shades acquire delightful new overtones when laced with a bit of copper. Popular methods involve accessorizing white or grey themed rooms with copper lighting fixtures or end tables, and glamming up wood-finished spaces with copper artwork, fittings or hardware.

Exuding modern sophistication and a classic charm all at once, copper displays a remarkable degree of versatility as an accent material. Use it to breathe life into the mundane or craft exciting new configurations from scratch – the warm sheen of this chestnut-tinted metal will flatter every style and setting.