Farrow & Ball – PELT


As dark as purple can possibly get, Pelt toes the line between red-laced blue and black. Farrow & Ball describe it as being “much bluer in feel than the similarly strong Brinjal.” Residing at the deep end of the purple scale, this intense colour can’t help but exude regal, dramatic vibes.

When it comes to making a statement with your home decor, the rules are seldom laid out in black and white; sometimes, there are generous doses of purple involved! Sophisticated design schemes get a fresh dose of freedom with a colour like Pelt added to the mix. This solid, confident hue is perfect for creating contrast and cohesion alike, depending on how you choose to use it.

The distinctive yet accommodating presence of Pelt can be attributed to various factors. Its proportion of deep blue and red plays a major role. Pelt leans towards a smoky blue that almost approaches black, adding just a hint of red to it. As a result, it can emulate charcoal or black in certain lighting conditions, and emerge as a more playful purple in others. There are myriad hues that it can be paired with to create the ambiance you have in mind.

Pelt has the gravitas to hold its own as your main wall paint or upholstery colour. Despite its dramatic intensity, its near-black look makes it quite versatile. Use it to craft elegant living rooms in the company of off-white, light grey or neutral coloured fabrics and accents. It can also team up with deep walnut or mahogany furniture to create sophisticated lounges or home offices. Shimmering metallic fixtures and accents also find a fitting backdrop in Pelt.

For those with subtle tastes and an affinity for light-toned living spaces, Pelt can offer a beautiful break from the monotony of a monochrome palette. Use it as an accent colour, in the form of wall decor or standalone accessories, to add a new dimension to a soft pastel theme. Pelt can work wonders when used in conjunction with lighter purple tints (such as Farrow & Ball’s Brassica or Calluna). It can lend itself to stately elegance in classic deep-toned settings, as well as to contemporary flair amid soft white or barely-there blush tones.

During our initial stints with home decoration, figuring out a colour palette that is relaxed yet resplendent can be quite challenging. Pelt promises to make things easier by casting vibrancy in a versatile mould.