Living Wall Art Frame Tall

125×25 cm Frame only (plants not included)

Bring the health benefits of indoor plants to your walls with our brushed aluminium living wall art frame. Designed with seven separate planter pouches to hold a selection of plants or herbs to compliment your interior within a contemporary float frame.


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The benefits of Living Wall Art.

Not only do indoor plants enrich the aesthetic of spaces they occupy, they also have a wealth of added health benefits including the ability to boost moods, reduce stress, increase creativity and help eliminate air pollutants — making for a healthier, happier home.


4 reasons to grow a green paradise on your wall;

As you relax into a routine of caring for your ‘Living Wall Art’ – day by day, week by week, you will find the bond you create will help reduce any stress you encounter in your daily life.

A study by researchers published in the ‘Journal of Physiological Anthropology' concluded that active interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and could help promote comfortable, soothing feelings.

Other studies also indicate that visual exposure to plants and other nature lasting only a few minutes can foster considerable restoration or recovery from stress.

Horticultural therapy is often used to increase feelings of well-being among people with anxiety, depression and dementia amongst other conditions.

The relationship you develop with your plants and achievement of successfully growing your ‘Living Wall Art’ will give you lots of satisfaction and may contribute to your sense of well-being.

We all experience times when we are low or unwell. So the ‘friend’ you have made with your ‘Living Wall Art’ will silently offer you solace and comfort and help you regain your strength and sense of purpose.

Research has confirmed that there are beneficial effects of plants for patients recovering from surgery. Studies concluded that patients need less pain medication and shorter time in hospital than people who weren’t looking at greenery during their recovery periods.

Research consistently finds adding plants to the workplace increases productivity. A UK study found bringing plants into the workplace increased productivity by as much as 15%

In one particular study, researchers put 23 students in a classroom with either a fake plant, a real one, a photograph of a plant, or no plant at all.

Scans of the participants brains showed that the students who studied with real, live plants in the classroom were more attentive and better able to concentrate than students in the other groups.

‘Living Wall Art’ growing in your home or office will help motivate you to go on and try other new ventures and achieve even more in your everyday life. You will find your ‘Living Wall Art’ becomes a unique and special part of your life.

Living Wall Art Frame Square

33×33 cm Frame only (plants not included)

Find the perfect plants to grow on your walls and get creative with our Living Wall Art Frames. Our single planter frames can be hung as sophisticated stand alone masterpieces or in sets to create beautiful botanical clusters along your walls.


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Google Reviews

  • Mairwen Turton

    Excellent customer service. fast delivery packed well. The wall art we bought is amazing. Would definitely recommend silver wall art...

    Janine Curwell

    This is a first class designer. The art pieces are beautifully designed and the service is also first class. I would highly recommend their products for anyone looking for originality and quality pieces.

    Joseph Singleton

    What an excellent company. Wonderful customer service, they always reply quickly. The pieces they produce are beautiful and a real talking point for any room!Thank you Silver wall art! We will be buying again.

    Karis Johnstone

    We are delighted with our pieces of art work. They look fabulous on the wall! Quick delivery and excellent service. Would definitely purchase again from this company.

  • N B

    We highly recommend Silver Art Work. Brilliant customer service from start to finish - the wall art looks amazing. We would definitely buy from here again.

    Mary Armstrong

    Purchased the set of 3 hearts wallart, they are fab and look great on my living room wall. The service was excellent, ordered and arrived in 2 days and were well packaged. If I had more room on my walls I would definitely be ordering some more wallart. Highly recommended.

    bert d

    My large metalwork is absolutely gorgeous and different. I never order anything I haven't seen in the flesh, especially for the price I'd be paying, but I had a good feeling about this artwork. I fell in love with it and just had to have it. I'm so glad I took the gamble and it looks lovely on my lounge wall. I wish I had more space to buy some more. Very good service and prompt delivery. Thank you

    Laverne Sampson

    Absolutely delighted with my art work. It is really beautiful and a fabulous finish. It's a real statement piece. Delivery was really quick, and was kept informed by email of delivery arrangements so also happy with the great service. Am already looking to purchase again for another room.

  • Paul Johnson

    Ordered the set of 2 tall artwork in the teal colour. Order arrived very quickly and artwork is strikingly beautiful and very original. It's a real statement piece in our lounge and looks much more expensive than it cost. The service is absolutely exemplary. We love the artwork so much that we're definitely ordering more.

    Sharon Desbois

    Beautiful high quality art work, excellent customer service and fast delivery. Definitely recommend and would purchase from company again

    Pamela Thomson

    Absolutely delighted with my artwork, thank you. Customer service outstanding including delivery. I will definitely recommend Silver Wall Art.

    Betty Mitchell

    Got my 3 wall art this morning they were amazingly beautiful well packed fast delivery and I want more xx




Design in general, and home décor in particular, is a world where trends change in the blink of an eye. But there are some refreshing constants in this dizzying realm of changing colours, styles and finishes. Topping the list of design elements we will never fall out of love with, greenery acts as the perfect finishing touch to both simple and elaborate spaces. The use of indoor plants in urban homes has skyrocketed in recent years – a pattern that is hardly surprising given how plants literally breathe life into a design scheme, exude serenity and good vibes, and act as the perfect antidote to city blues.

To call the use of houseplants a design trend would be a misnomer of sorts. After all, the presence of greenery has never stopped being a vital consideration in home decoration. When our homes could flank lush open spaces, we did our best to create gardens, landscaped terraces, and verdant views from every room. Today, when space is a luxury and every square foot counts, designers have found gorgeous ways to bring the outdoors in. Their explorations have created spectacular spaces freshened with ferns and succulents, and inspired numerous popular looks centring on the colour green.

Pantone officially heralded the age of the urban jungle back in 2017, by declaring “greenery” as the colour of the year. Their shade of choice was a vibrant, zesty green that would probably not make it to the same palette as whites, greys and other neutrals. Even so – and as Pantone rightly reminded us – bright, lively green is “nature’s neutral”, and a hue that we are programmed to love. Because the best examples of green exist in nature, the most effective way to introduce this colour to your home is through the use of plants. Fortunately, the possibilities there are endless.

To begin with, plants make no demands as far as displaying them is concerned. The beauty of nature lies in its unrestrained spirit, and plants help you channel the same in your living space. This is one design exercise that gives you unlimited freedom to experiment with form, organisation and layering. A single potted fern or terrarium can give a minimally designed room an instant makeover. Houseplants are also a great treatment for dead spaces, odd corners, foyers or passageways, livening them up without requiring extensive wall treatments or colour matching.

Indoor greenery is the perfect finishing touch for a design scheme built around natural finishes and earth tones. Pair any number of houseplants with wooden furniture and flooring, or set them up around large windows in airy, naturally lit rooms. Greenery can also be introduced to compact spaces by combining low-maintenance ferns and vines with lighting fixtures or storage units.

Indoor greenery is wonderfully endearing in how it lends itself to even the most austere of spaces. In fact, urban jungles are often created using the seemingly mismatched combination of metal, concrete and houseplants. A generous dose of green acts as an effective counterweight to the industrial look of these spaces, and helps create reading areas or cosy corners within otherwise functional setups.

Amid all the clean-lined crispness and organised simplicity of contemporary urban homes, plants let us feast our eyes on pure, unrestrained, and often chaotic beauty. Unaffiliated to the usual tenets of form, space and order, they free us from the burden of adhering to rules and trends, and allow us to actually have fun while decorating our living spaces.