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The trend for using a metallic finish in our homes has been growing steadily over the last few years. Of course we’ve been in love with silver accessories for some time now, but the boom really happened when copper was introduced into interiors. Since then, we’ve seen the rise of rose gold, burnished gold, bronze and a whole new look for mixing up your metals. So if you love this trend, how to do you go about making it work in your own home? Well, here are some ideas for ways to inject the metallics trend into your rooms.


Graham and Brown

If you don’t want to be too obvious about it, and would prefer a sheen or simple touch of shine try choosing your next wallpaper from this look. There are simply hundreds available now that offer a metallic finish, from high street retailers to higher end bespoke murals. This year Graham and Brown have announced their wallpaper of the year to be xx, a geometric print with a metallic blend. It’s a design that could work in many styles of home.

Living Room Accessories:

An easy way to bring some metallics into your home is to simply start experimenting. Perhaps pick one finish that you really love, silver for example, and add in some plant pots, picture frames, candlesticks or a terrarium. You might find having something shiny in the room a little strange at first, but believe me, you’ll soon get used to it.

Bedroom Accents:

If you would rather not be too obvious with you metallic pieces a great way to bring a sampling of this look into the bedroom is via your bedding. Be bold, or be subtle with it, the choice is yours, but there are a host of metallic inspired designs out there to please everyone. Tie the basic colours into your colour scheme, whatever that might be. You’ll find that a metallic finish works well with most palettes, although a darker look will help the shine really pop.

Kitchen Updates:

Apartment Therapy

It might be one the last places you think of when you’re bringing metallics into your home, but actually there are plenty of ways to achieve this in the kitchen. Think about a metallic finish to your toaster and kettle. Or maybe some new gold kitchen door knobs. If you’re redesigning then some metallic sheen tiles are luxurious and decadent, whilst rose gold cutlery is a must for the trend follower these days.

Bathroom Accessories:

House Beautiful

If you want to bring some metallic finish into the bathroom my own preference is for something matte, but of course there’s no rule for this at all. Think toothbrush holders, vanity mirrors, soap dishes and more. Again, pieces like this are readily available on the high street at great prices too, so you have an abundance of choice.

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