Bringing Home The Spring: Trendy Ideas For A Décor Refresh

There’s no better time than spring to make a change. With winter giving way to a welcoming freshness and the promise of warmth lifting your spirits, it is only natural to want to turn over a new leaf. This year, make your springtime spruce more than just about cleaning up. Today’s article brings you some delightful spring décor ideas that are as refreshing as the season itself.

Heyday hues

One of the simplest ways to invite the loveliness of spring into your living space is through colour. Pastels are on-trend this year, and spring is the ideal time to bring them home. Use soft pinks and blush tones to ward off any lingering winter vibes. Greet the longer, sunnier days with hints of yellow. Give your statement pieces a wash of blue or teal. Or if subtle is how you like your décor, let pale mint or lilac make your white or neutral spaces a wee bit whimsical.

Spring-themed colours tend to be easy to work with. You can introduce these delicate floral hues into an existing setting through accent pieces, statement furniture, or even feature walls. Muted pastels can effortlessly brighten up your backdrops through wallpaper, paint or drapes. More vibrant colours can be thrown in as rugs, cushions or artwork, or as an emphatic piece of furniture to herald the season.

Tactile tributes to nature

As the surrounding landscapes turn lusher and lovelier, take a leaf out of nature’s book by filling your home with natural textures. Show off your wooden floors and furniture, complementing them with cheerful rugs, cushions and throws. If it’s time for new upholstery or drapery, explore cotton, linen and other natural weaves. For your accent pieces, consider the likes of rattan, raffia and jute. These rich, welcoming textures will gel beautifully with newly cleaned, clutter-free rooms, and help you craft inviting spaces for your springtime soirees.

No discussion on springtime décor is complete without a mention of houseplants. Spring makeovers tend to involve more than a few verdant touches, and for good reason. Indoor greenery will make your home livelier, give it a final overlay of texture, and clean the air during the season of sniffles! While choosing houseplants for your living space, feel free to try out floral arrangements as well. Flowers can be a great way to reinforce a spring-themed colour palette.

Energised entryways

Spring brings with it sudden bursts of life and colour, and invites you to echo the same in your home interiors. Use colours, textures, artwork and plants to invigorate your home’s unused corners and passageways. In particular, pay attention to the entrance. Dressing up your front door or foyer can quickly set the tone for the season, without putting you through a major redecoration project. Even if you happen to be on a budget, choosing a new paint colour for your front door will not set you back by too much. If you have room to take things up a notch, accessorise your entryway with potted plants or flowers, chic wooden storage or shelving, and vibrant artwork, ceramics or stoneware.

Whether you subscribe to minimalism, luxe living, or free-spirited freshness, a spring makeover panders to every style and preference. Indulge in a home refresh this month and stay in touch for new décor ideas on our blog!