Bedroom Bliss – Trending Tones For Your Boudoir

As spaces that must support a good night’s sleep, and start each morning on the right note, bedrooms don’t have the easiest job in the world. For the same reason, the matter of choosing the right colours for your bedroom tends to open a Pandora’s box of dilemmas. However, the past couple of years have witnessed a variety of interesting explorations in tones and textures, and the bedroom palette of 2019 is set to get colourful in all the right ways. Take a look at the hues that will transform your bedroom from boring to blissful in no time.

Deep Blues

Blues and bedrooms are made for each other. As cool, soothing hues, blues have the innate ability to make us relax. There is a whole world of possibilities while working with blues, but at the moment, it is the richer, inkier side of the spectrum that is stealing the limelight. Plush with a side of peaceful, these deep blues can add luxurious overlays to simply furnished bedrooms. The shades we speak of include the likes of cobalt, navy and royal blue. For best results, set them up against a backdrop of white, cream, or other neutral tones.

Smoky Greens

Over the past few years, green has been inching closer to becoming an interior design staple. But there is more to green-themed décor than houseplants and verdant views. A soft, smoky shade of green has emerged as a lovely addition to contemporary bedrooms. Carrying traces of grey and a light bearing, this soft, refreshing shade is a great way to round off a palette of white, cream and beige. If you have a soft spot for natural colours, smoky green bedding or upholstery could be the perfect fit for your bedroom.


The use of black in home décor tends to raise some eyebrows, but at the same time, it is a well-accepted fact that no other colour has quite the same brand of bold sophistication. Black makes no excuses for its innate gravity, drawing attention and creating drama wherever it is introduced. Black wall treatments or furniture can effectively articulate an unabashedly stylish bedroom, or demarcate the sleeping area in an open plan home or studio. Ground the black surfaces in warm copper tones to make the composition more welcoming.


Muted Teal

Some of us have a hard time picking a favourite between blue and green. Colours like teal, turquoise and aquamarine offer a great middle ground. Our favourite pick this year is a gorgeous shade of muted teal, which adds the slightest touch of green to a smoky blue base. Bring this tint into your bedroom to capture the serenity of blue along with the refreshing edge of green. Pair it with warm earth tones for some coastal cosiness, or with light white elements for a breezy ambiance.


Grey and white is a practical and time-tested combination that will never go out of style. We can’t help but turn to it for its understated sophistication and functional freshness. A white-and-grey bedroom gives you endless opportunities to play with forms, patterns and textures, and shape your boudoir with bold prints, whimsical artwork, metallic accents, or other elements that suit your personal tastes.

Dusky Pink

One of the trendiest colours of the year that has gone by, dusky pink is showing no signs of going out of fashion. Various takes on this alluring hue have emerged over the past few months, ranging from blushing tones of rose, salmon and peach, to more muted melds of pink and grey. All of these are perfect for bedroom décor, creating soft, welcoming vibes and pairing remarkably well with neutral or pastel palettes. Go minimal, with just a hint of dusky pink in an otherwise white bedroom, or bring in bold artworks and metallic accents to rev up the richness.