Farrow & Ball – Stone Blue


The “warm and timeless” Stone Blue paint colour from Farrow & Ball is a reliable base as well as an effortless accent for every setting. With its name derived from “the indigo pigment which was often imported in lumps in the 18th century,” this paint colour is undeniably vintage, yet lively enough to brighten up a contemporary setting.

Stone Blue makes for a versatile add-on to any space that needs brightening up without going overboard. Its intrinsic calmness coupled with its unique vibrancy helps it ease into white, grey or neutral surroundings, turning them cheerful yet sophisticated in an instant. It also offers gorgeous opportunities to play with classic or retro styles, working particularly well with quaint woodwork and mouldings in off-white or light brown finishes. 

The charm of Stone Blue stems from its unique colour temperature that adds a tranquil touch without turning its surroundings cold. In the company of deep purple or grey tones, it is able to invoke vintage charisma and a welcoming, nostalgic feel. In contrast, lighter, cooler blues or near-white tints can work with Stone Blue to infuse energy into clean, contemporary settings. 

When it covers large stretches of wall, say in bedrooms, living rooms or home offices, Stone Blue serves as a beautiful backdrop for warm wooden furniture and soft natural furnishings. Lighter accompaniments will tone down the intensity of this paint colour, making it lean more towards the quiet, relaxing side of the spectrum. If used in small doses, for example, as wall art or accent furniture in light monochrome settings, the dynamism of Stone Blue is enhanced. 

We have channeled this quality of Stone Blue into our reflective, sculptural artworks that serve as stunning highlights in contemporary spaces. Explore the magic of this “distinguished and familiar” shade by Farrow & Ball, through our vast array of large format wall art.