Farrow & Ball – INDIA YELLOW


Intense in some situations, comforting in others, Farrow & Ball’s India Yellow is capable of setting many moods. Its unforgettable visual impact is matched only by the story behind its name. According to Farrow & Ball, this colour is “famously named after the pigment collected from the urine of cows fed on a special diet of mango leaves!”

Whether or not we find this backstory palatable, there is no denying that India Yellow complements a surprising variety of colour palettes. The possibilities that come with this colour are countless. There are just as many risks too, of course, but these can easily be minimized by adhering to a few guidelines.

India Yellow does not belong to the category of subtle hues. This deep mustard shade makes a statement wherever you introduce it. Its presence is strong enough to attract attention, even if it appears in a single piece of wall art or in the form of accent furniture. 

If you are envisioning a bold, vibrant space with an intense mustard shade as its highlight, India Yellow will serve you well. In spacious, well-lit interiors, it can work exceptionally well with white, cream or grey tones. If you wish to go a step further, it offers you the opportunity to craft vibrant palettes inspired by primary colours and summery abandon. 

These experiments are best avoided in compact spaces, especially if they involve using India Yellow as the chief wall treatment or upholstery colour. However, small doses of India Yellow can enrich any space, even one that is low on square footage.

It may come as a surprise to some, but India yellow has another, softer side. When used with warm, dark earth tones, its visual impact switches to a milder, less saturated yellow. In such settings, it can be used to concoct a cosy, welcoming vibe that also makes room for formal furniture and sophisticated accents.

Farrow & Ball’s India Yellow has an allure that tempts even those with a preference for subtle colours. Channel its unique energy and vibrancy through our luxe, reflective wall art.