Farrow & Ball – Drop Cloth


Farrow & Ball’s Drop Cloth paint colour offers an endearing blend of richness and rusticity. This light grey tint carries hints of beige and the mildest yellow notes. The carefully crafted balance between these light hues enables Drop Cloth to serenade its namesake – the humble painting accessory that protects our floors and furniture during home decoration projects.

Despite its gentle bearing, Drop Cloth has a tangible impact on spaces of all scales and aesthetic styles. It takes on contemporary and classic forms depending on the setting to which it is introduced. The underlying traces of yellow and beige in this colour become apparent in certain lighting conditions and palettes; in others, they recede into the background and leave a light grey wash as the primary visual quality of Drop Cloth.

A variety of beautiful colour combinations can be crafted using Drop Cloth as the foundation. Amid neutral tints and light-toned woodwork, it exudes a warm beige charm. In the presence of cool, dark shades like charcoal or blue-grey, it takes on a stone-like sophistication. All-white settings can make use of Drop Cloth as a darker accent that adds depth without disturbing the overall monochrome theme.

Farrow & Ball’s Drop Cloth works with all manifestations of classic and contemporary decor. It is a popular pick for Bohemian or shabby chic settings where its simple, rustic quality finds fabulous expressions. Vintage or retro interiors can also use it as a warming, grounding element that is beautifully complemented by both muted shades and light pastel tints. In minimal monochrome interiors, it offers a welcome change from standard beige or grey highlights. 

We have harnessed the gentle grace of Farrow & Ball’s Drop Cloth in some of our subtle yet sophisticated large format artworks. In the presence of other greys, black and silver, this charming hue exudes an inviting elegance that works for both formal and intimate spaces.