Farrow & Ball – CINDER ROSE


Poetic, romantic settings become easily attainable with Farrow & Ball’s Cinder Rose, named after “the prettiest of traditional roses.” This soft hue has the gentle grace of pink minus any polarising yellow undertones. It thus suits a variety of spaces, ranging from chic bedrooms to vibrant indoor gardens.

Cinder Rose channels the allure of dusky pink and keeps it rooted in a blueish base. This results in a rather versatile colour that can lend itself to romantic, feminine settings, rustic interiors with rough-hewn finishes, as well as crisp, contemporary decor crafted using whites, greys and neutrals. 

Whatever be your preferred aesthetic, there is a way to enrich it using Farrow & Ball’s Cinder Rose. This colour offers interesting opportunities to add a rustic edge to a classically styled setting. Introduce it in the form of your primary wall treatment, and use off-white elements and weathered wood accents to create a raw, vintage feel. 

Cinder Rose can just as easily pep up a sophisticated contemporary setting. Monochrome decor made up of clean lines and clutter-free layouts can be augmented via Cinder Rose accents that soften the palette without going off on a tangent. The absence of yellow pigments in this paint makes it quite versatile and compatible with neutral hues. In contemporary spaces, it is best to use Cinder Rose in moderation – as a means to render whites and greys more welcoming. 

In luxe, spacious settings, this lovely variant of pink works exceptionally well with metallic finishes like gold, silver and copper. It also has the potential to take a bolder route – in the company of deep blues and greens, for instance. When using Cinder Rose on an entire wall or a large surface area, try to ensure sufficient light in the room as this colour can take on a gloomy grey overtone in the dark.

Our sculptural artworks help you introduce the charming Cinder Rose hue to your decor in measured doses. Explore stunning, reflective compositions suitable for a variety of spaces and design styles.