Farrow & Ball – CALLUNA


Farrow & Ball’s Calluna pays a fitting tribute to its namesake from the Scottish moors, while simultaneously reinterpreting it for suave urban spaces. Brushing its beautiful heather hue with a touch of black, it manages to be “both soft and tranquil yet strangely sophisticated.”

Calluna has that featherlight presence that enriches spaces without imposing on them. In certain lights and in the company of certain tints and shades, this pale purple can easily pass off as grey or off-white. It opens up several opportunities to take a monochrome palette on a playful tangent without disturbing its underlying uniformity.

It’s safe to say that Calluna ‘changes’ its appearance based on its company. Pair it with white, stone grey or silver, and you could enjoy a lilac freshness that looks lovely in serene bedrooms, cheerful bathrooms and charming living rooms. Introduce it to a blue-oriented setting, and you can bring out its underlying pink notes. On a similar vein, you can complement it with rose or blush tones to cool things down with a touch of tranquil blue. Add it to a dark colour palette involving black or charcoal shades, and it will take on a smoky presence that is stylishly whimsical.

Calluna also makes itself home amid other tints and shades of purple. This is a great way to go the monochrome route without stepping into boring territory. Layer Calluna with darker tones like Brassica and Pelt to add a plush, professionally decorated feel to your living space. Depending on the lighting, textures and colour temperatures you prefer, you could add on natural accents in matte finishes, or shimmering metallic elements for a swank effect.

There are many dimensions to Farrow & Ball’s Calluna, each capable of adding a unique flavour to your decor. To channel its floral freshness as well as the shadowy grey notes that make it so versatile, we recommend pairing it with either darker versions of itself, or a composite of off-white, light grey and silver.