Farrow & Ball – BRASSICA


When the loveliness of lavender gets grounded in grey, Brassica is the result. This gorgeous hue is one of Farrow & Ball’s lighter purple hues that suit both formal and informal spaces. As per the brand, this colour gets its name from “the group of plants which includes purple sprouting broccoli.” It is a friendly, welcoming tint that one can safely introduce to most settings and design styles.

Light purple tones are quite popular in chic urban homes. They’re cheerful without being noisy, warm yet refreshing, and capable of complementing a variety of colours. Brassica exemplifies these traits thanks to its subtle softness and shadowy undertones. Channel its graceful presence and feminine elegance in your master bedroom or your little one’s nursery. Alternatively, allow its grey notes to enrich a sophisticated living room, entryway or study.

When it comes to colour pairings, Brassica lends itself to countless combinations. For those looking to set up an elegant purple setting, it works as an ideal foundation. Use it as your main wall colour, and layer it with darker shades of purple in the form of upholstery or accents. Brassica’s balanced, rooted presence allows you to make a statement without having your decor appear frivolous.

Brassica pairs particularly well with derivatives of white. Warm white furniture and fabrics can be placed against it in classically styled settings. Cool or greyish white tones can work with it to craft sleek, contemporary spaces that retain a welcoming touch. Those looking to get adventurous with their colour choices can also experiment with the likes of sky blue, dusky pink, light orange or green accompaniments to generate springtime vibes.

When it comes to metallic accents, Brassica works with all kinds of finishes. Containing cool blue, warm red and smoky grey notes, it can effectively showcase gold, silver or copper add-ons. It offers an excellent opportunity to combine textures ranging from rough-hewn to full gloss, to develop rich interiors that balance floral freshness with stable sophistication.