Farrow & Ball – BABOUCHE


A bright yet balanced yellow, Farrow & Ball’s Babouche is a quick and lasting remedy for dull decor. Named after the “distinctive colour of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco,” it has a lighthearted bearing that is unafraid of bending a rule or two. Having said that, this cheery yellow tint keeps away from frivolous territory, allowing its surroundings to exude sunny sophistication.

In home decoration, bright yellow colours can be a double-edged sword. Their vibrancy and warmth can be enticing, but at the same time, they pose the risk of catching attention for the wrong reasons. Attributes like temperature, brightness and saturation, all become particularly important when identifying an appropriate tint or shade of yellow for your home. Equally important are the colours you would pair them with while crafting your space.

Many of these challenges become easy to overcome when you choose Farrow & Ball’s Babouche. The way it blends the uplifting allure of bright yellow and the grounding sobriety of neutral notes is quite impressive. With this colour, you can safely create that sunny yellow wall you have been dreaming of, and use it to show off white and blue furniture and accents for a gorgeous coastal feel. 

The cheerful Babouche can also take on a moodier avatar when paired with enigmatic black or deep blue tones. It offers a lovely escape from gloomy decor in spaces that are deprived of light – basement game rooms, gyms and lounges, for instance.

If you wish to introduce Babouche to your living space in small doses, this can be achieved through botanical or geometric patterned wall treatments or furnishings. You can also achieve a luxe, elegant look through some of our reflective artworks where the brightness of Babouche finds a fitting partner in shimmering silver finishes. 

Whether you wish to celebrate summer or need a sunny distraction from the grey weather, Farrow & Ball’s Babouche offers the perfect solution. Explore this delightful yet dignified yellow through our artworks that will infuse your home with luminous elegance.